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5 tritone substitution jazz guitar licks PDF ebook - Pay what you want

5 tritone substitution jazz guitar licks ebook light5 tritone substitution licks PDF eBook with tabs, analysis, videos and backing tracks links included.
Now available by paying what you want. Click here

NEW PDF eBook available | 11 blues-jazz progressions for guitar | Chords and comping studies

11 blues jazz progression for jazz guitar - Pdf eBookA new printable PDF eBook is available. It's about 11 blues progressions for jazz guitar with tabs, analysis (with roman numerals), explanations and audio files, divided into four chapters :

1- Blues progressions and variations
2- Chord studies
3- Guitar walking-bass studies
4 -Rhythm patterns



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Special offer - 20 % off on the "40 blues, jazz guitar licks" eBook PDF

40 blues jazz guitar licks - PDF, eBook, Booklet, methodTake advantage of the special offer on the "40 blues, jazz guitar licks PDF eBook".

20 % until the end of October.

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NEW PDF eBook available for download - 40 blues, jazz guitar licks with tabs

40 blues jazz guitar licks - PDF, eBook, Booklet, method


A new PDF eBook is now available for download via the GUMROAD / PAYPAL interface. This jazz method contains 40 jazz, blues licks with tabs, scales charts and two jazz swing backing track in C7.

This PDF booklet is dedicated to the jazz guitar students who wants to improve their jazz, blues playing in the style of Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell, Grant Green, Charlie Christian, George Benson, Barney Kessel and more.

Package details :

1 printable PDF booklet containing 40 jazz blues guitar licks in C7 with tabs and scales charts.

- 2 blues jazz swing (one chord C7) backing tracks (120 & 150 BPM). That can also be used for dominant scales training. (Quality mp3 audio file).


New eBook available | 10 minor II-V-I jazz guitar licks with tabs, scales charts & audio files.

10 ii v i licks miniA new eBook is now available.

This eBook will teach you how to soloing over minor II-V-I sequences using scales, modes (locrian, locrian #2, locrian bebop, altered, melodic minor, harmonic minor, aeolian) and arpeggios (Half-diminished & diminished 7th)

Package details:

- 1 printable PDF eBook including 10 II-V-I jazz guitar licks with tabs, scales charts, and analysis.

- 1 C minor II-V-I backing track (Quality mp3 audio file).

- 10 minor II-V-I audio files (Quality mp3 audio files).



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