• Chord Formula Chart - How Chords Are Built - Music Theory

    Chord formulasHow Chords Are Built?

    Chord formulas show all the notes which constitute a chord. They reveal the structure of chords. They provide a link between scales and arpeggios.

    Knowing the structure of chords will help you find any chord position on the guitar when you only have the name.

    Learning chord formulas will make it easier to understand the difference between many types of chords. Learning chord formulas is necessary for anyone who wants to expand their musical knowledge and increase their guitar playing skills.

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  • 15 Jazz Guitar Chords For Beginners

    15 basic jazz guitar chordsHere are 15 important jazz guitar chord positions that every beginning jazz guitar student must know. They are grouped into five families : 

    • Major seventh chords (Maj7)
    • Minor seventh (m7)
    • Dominant 7th (7)
    • Half diminished / minor seventh flat fifth (m7b5)
    • Diminished 7th (dim7)


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