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  • Notes on Guitar - Fretboard Diagrams

    Learning the name of the notes and be able to find them out on the fretboard is very important when you want to explore scales, chords and arpeggios on guitar. Knowing the notes on the guitar neck is obviously useful for a better understanding of music theory and sight reading, it will also help you communicate better with other musicians. 

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  • 6 Types of Pentatonic Scales For Guitar

    This infographic show guitar shapes and formulas of the 6 main pentatonic scales used in jazz music (and any other styles) :

    • Minor pentatonic
    • Major pentatonic
    • Dominant pentatonic
    • Dorian pentatonic
    • Half-diminished
    • Diminished

    You will find more detailed information about these scales by making a search on this website.

    Pentatonic scales for guitar chart diagrams

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  • Variations Of Jazz Blues Progression - 10 Guitar Exercises - YouTube Video Lesson

    A new video has been published on the YouTube channel. It contains 10 exercises with chord shapes and numeral analysis about different types of variations of the jazz blues progression for jazz guitar rhythm. 

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  • What's a Half-Diminished Chord (m7b5)

    This guitar lesson explains what is m7b5 chord, how to play it on guitar and how to apply it in common harmonic contexts as major and minor II-V-I progressions.

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  • NEW eBook PDF | 25 Soul Jazz Guitar Licks With Tabs.

    25 jazz soul licks PDF eBook with tabs

    A new printable PDF eBook dedicated to soul jazz guitar licks is now available for download. 

    Soul jazz (sometimes called "jazz-funk) is a form of jazz commonly associated with hard bop. It has strong influences from blues, rhythm & blues and gospel. You can also go listen to Lou Donaldson, Big John Patton, Jimmy "Hammond" Smith, to soak up this style.
    All these licks are two bars licks in the key of Bb7 and inspired by great guitarists as Grant Green, Melvin sparks, Wes Montgomery or Kenny Burrell. They are essentially built with notes from the minor, major pentatonic and minor blues scale.

    Each lick is analysed and accompanied by a quality audio file. A backing track is also included in the package.

    Why all these licks are in the same key ?

    To simplify learning, it's easier to memorize them, then you can make the connection between each lick to built longer guitar solos.  Once you have learnt these licks, the aim is to play them in different keys, add notes and fret hand techniques (bends, hammer-on, pull-off, slides)  vary the rhythm...

    9,90 $ DOWNLOAD

    Package details :

    - 1 printable PDF eBook with 25 soul jazz guitar licks in Bb7 with tabs, scales charts, guitar fretboard diagrams (5 boxes for each scales) and analysis. 

    - 1 soul jazz backing track (Quality mp3 audio file).

    - 25 soul jazz guitar licks audio files (Quality mp3 audio files).



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